Good Study Habits Reap Rewards

School can be tough for any age group. With the Internet, cable television, gaming opportunities everywhere, cell phones – wow, it’s difficult to put life on hold and hit the books. But you need to. You have to, if you want decent grades.

Yes, grades. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some help and improve your grades? Maybe you could you use some tips of on how to study better – for yourself, a friend or loved one? Well check these out and see how you score.

RECORD – First of all, grade a notebook or start a section in one just for monitoring your progress. List the courses you need help with and specific areas in which you need to focus on for improvement. For instance, maybe you to catch up on reading the lessons, interpreting your class notes, completing your assignments, etc. List items for each course.

SEARCH – Next search for tools to help with each item you’ve listed above. Maybe speeding reading would help, so head to the library for a book or video course on how to speed-read. Maybe you could use help from a fellow classmate to make sense out of your notes and to help with your homework.

Contact your instructor for a class list and advice on how to get help.

DO IT! – Then put your tools to work. Use a daily planner and make yourself set time aside to catch up on reading, meet with your study buddy, complete your assignments – one step at a time. Don’t give up. If something doesn’t work, go back to the SEARCH step above and find an alternative solution; find a study group, ask for supplemental reading to understand your lessons better, get a tutor, stop the late-night television and weekend drinking binges and get our homework done – and in A+ condition.

GRADE YOURSELF – When you’ve finished, it’s time to evaluate yourself. How’d you do? Did your scores improve? If so, great! Use the same methods and keep at it! If not, go back, find out why and make changes /improvements.

Maybe you need a different study partner, a study group or a tutor. Maybe the course’s reading load is too heavy, and you need a lighter course. Ask your educational advisors for help, too. That’s what they’re there for.

So, before your grades take a dive, take the plunge yourself and kick your studies into gear. Plan your success and take charge of your future.